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A few thoughts…

…not locked, or under a cut. Consider this an “open letter” to Livejournal and all my friends here. To be honest…I’m still sorting out my feelings about this whole affair. But I can state up front what I, at least, … Continue reading

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Curses! Foiled again!

Last December 14th, I noted here that Gwinnett County, Georgia parent Laura Mallory had lost another scuffle in her relentless crusade to remove the Harry Potter books from the school libraries there. The school department had refused, and she had … Continue reading

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Proofreading is a pain. I proofread Mortal Touch three times, the last on hard copy, and I thought I was going to need psychotropic meds by the time I was done. Apparently, even mainstream publishers are foregoing this practice, however, … Continue reading

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Pagans v. Christians in Scotland

Interesting controversy in Scotland at the moment: University of Edinburgh is hosting a Pagan conference amid complaints of discrimination from a Christian organization. It seems the Christian Union group was denied permission to mount a presentation of “the dangers of … Continue reading

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Time to do something silly…

Gakked from hanzintrigued and lourdesmont, except that I decided to answer as if I really had the Y chromosome I should have gotten if somebody up there hadn’t screwed up! *wry smile* Hence…

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Of interest to those pursuing publication

This has been sent around to a couple of the small publishing e-lists I’m on. It was sent with permission to repost or forward. X-Original-To: wne-nwu@… Delivered-To: wne-nwu@… Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 08:25:27 -0400 From: Jan Whitaker To: Western … Continue reading

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Fascinating article…

I found this article from Wired News quite intriguing: Why a Famous Counterfactual Historian Loves Making History with Games “Counterfactual”–I guess that’s “counter-” in the same sense as “counterculture:” alternative, rather than opposing–is a term I had not heard before. … Continue reading

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I guess I’m more interesting now…

*heh* Since the annoying problem I was having with my DSL connection has been alleviated (Verizon finally came and got the branch off the phone line, after two calls and six straight days of hardly being able to do anything … Continue reading

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The crime laid at my doorstep…

I held a dying bird in my hand today. Today was the New Moon and I was preparing to do a ritual, as I do at each Full Moon and New Moon. I’ve been letting one of my cats, Cerridwen, … Continue reading

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The view from the bookstore owner’s perspective…

I’m (finally!!) doing an update of my online bookstore, which is INCREDIBLY BORING (checking about 1,000 separate links, checking each page for “customers who bought this also bought…” and other Amazon connected lists, checking the author’s name to see what … Continue reading

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