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Sober reflections on the year that’s passing…

It’s been a long holiday season. It’s been a long month. It’s been a very long year. I didn’t write a holiday letter to go out with my Yule cards this year. Only a few people would still get one, … Continue reading

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They should warn you how hard it is…

…to get rid of stuff. I don’t mean “hard” in the emotional/psychological sense, mind you. People often say, “it’s hard to let go of things,” and clean out your clothes closets, declutter the cabinets, and so on. I’m not talking … Continue reading

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This week’s update, or “take my junk, please!”

I had an agreeable Thanksgiving, except for having to get up early [for me]. The food turned out very well. Aside from that, it was all about football! I am very thankful that the Patriots were kind enough to win, … Continue reading

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