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My quirkyness quotient

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A change from the usual dismal news…

With all the grim and tragic news stories we usually get about missing kids being found buried in unmarked graves months or years later, this was extremely refreshing to read… Woman Missing Since She Was 14 Is Found

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What kind of writer should I be?

I seriously doubt anyone will be surprised by this one…

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Hotter than a breadbox…

…and that’s what I need to stop using my oven as, or else post little reminder notes on the door of it! I’ve been stashing things like the brownies I bake in the oven, because it keeps them out of … Continue reading

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Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus!

Happy St. David’s Day!!! St. David’s Day is kind of your St. Patrick’s Day if you’re Welsh. We don’t drink as much, though, and we don’t have any parades from which we exclude gay marchers! (heh) I’ve got a leek … Continue reading

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