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My last comment on Wiscon, Elizabeth Moon, and the Islamic Community Center

I have been, more or less compulsively, following the blog postings and debates, from both sides of the issue, precipitated by Elizabeth Moon’s September 11 blog post. Moon, as everyone on earth and most of the extra-galactic sentient universe now … Continue reading

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Conceding with grace

I have many thoughts about the controversy involving feminist science-fiction convention Wiscon and its decision to rescind its Guest of Honor invitation to Elizabeth Moon. I’m not going to discuss this topic directly right now–it’s much too large and tangled … Continue reading

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A 1950 PSA about prejudice from Vincent Price

(AUDIO ONLY) This speech concluded an episode of the radio mystery series, The Saint, titled “The Author of Murder,” in which Vincent Price played the character of detective Simon Templar, created by author Leslie Charteris. According to The Saint on … Continue reading

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Purplewashing the Pain

Let me begin by saying this is not intended to be a criticism of anyone else’s choices. I’m simply explaining mine. I will not be wearing purple tomorrow. I will not be pasting whatever-it-is meme into my status line, or … Continue reading

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Updates on the last couple of weeks

The last couple of weeks have been busy, but–apart from Albacon, of course!–not in a way that makes for exciting blog posts. Being self-employed definitely makes you all work, no play, and pretty darned dull! David Burton’s Blood Justice was … Continue reading

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New posts on BLU~Media Blog

I’ve put two new posts on BLU~Media Blog that may interest people. “Remembering a passion for reading” “Paper book lovers, put your money where your mouth is!” Please comment, pass the links on, tweet, and so on if you like … Continue reading

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My Albacon 2010 Convention Report, in detail

For the most part, I enjoyed Albacon. Socially, I had a very good time. I’ve got lots of friends in the Albacon community and if I hadn’t been so crazy-busy on Saturday, I would have enjoyed that aspect of the … Continue reading

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My Albacon schedule, with details and comments

This coming weekend, October 7-10, is Albacon, in Albany, New York. If you’re a writer, aspiring writer or avid reader, this is the place to be on Columbus Day weekend! There’s a reception on Thursday evening, and the convention opens … Continue reading

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