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Okay, now this is so typical…

This was a tweet, but I didn’t just retweet it because it called for some comment. First, take a look at this amusing little webcomic, “The Oatmeal.” What your email address says about your computer skills Cute, yes? I have … Continue reading

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Update on the last few days

I’ve been writing, although not fiction, which is getting frustrating. I’m getting very fidgety to write more in my fictional universe! But I’ve been clearing out my old assignments on Blogcritics, which have been disgracefully neglected. I just posted two … Continue reading

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Well, that was really stupid of me…

This has been a bad week for my self-esteem for more than one reason, not all of which I can talk about in public. But I’m going to humble myself (which isn’t hard to do, at the moment) and share … Continue reading

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Goodbye to a great summer, hello to (I hope) an even better fall!

Merry Mabon, Happy Autumn Equinox, Blessed Sukkoth, and a bounteous Harvest Full Moon to you! Facebook seems to be down. Hmm. I tried entering hashtags on Twitter to see if it was just me, and obviously it’s not–but most of … Continue reading

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Recap of a productive week and a half

I guess I just haven’t been in a posting mood…and I’m still not, really, but I hate to go a full two weeks without an update. I’ve definitely been busy, though! In the publishing arena, I finished the wrap-around cover … Continue reading

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Après quel déluge?

Hurricane Earl was a non-event here, as I expected. When I got up yesterday, the ground was completely dry and you wouldn’t even have guessed that it rained. I noticed one ten-minute spurt of solid rain and aside from that, … Continue reading

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September already?

Sitting here waiting for just-barely-Hurricane Earl to arrive, but without much suspense because it appears increasingly less likely that Earl will affect us much this far inland. At the moment, he’s been downgraded to a Category 1 and seems to … Continue reading

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