Techie grumbles

Web services are giving me a lot of trouble these days. It’s getting very frustrating. :-(

I wanted to update BLU~Blooded Blog, my VC blog associated with It’s still on blogspot because I had to move it there when Blogger stopped allowing us to FTP blogs to our own domains. But now, Blogger has implemented some fancy new “template” system and I couldn’t update the customized template I had. Finally I “upgraded” to some piece-of-shit pre-fab template, which I’ll either have to laboriously customize all from scratch, or else move the blog to WordPress hosted on BLU’s domain, which I want to do, anyway. (Of course, I’ll still need to customize the whole blog from scratch in that case.) But when I tried to install WordPress on BLU’s GoDaddy account, it wouldn’t install even though I have “deluxe” hosting for BLU. So I need to puzzle that one out.

Meanwhile, MySpace has also implemented fancy new “templates” as part of this big refit it’s doing, and I lost my whole customized profile page on MySpace. They don’t allow css anymore although they might implement it in the future, which sucks. MySpace takes a flying leap back to 1989! I’ll have to completely redo that page.

LiveJournal used to keep me logged in and now I have to log back in to LiveJournal every time I go there–and I have a paid account.

WordPress and GoDaddy have been nagging me for months to upgrade WordPress for Rewriting the Rules and BLU Media Blog, which are WordPress apps hosted on my own domains for and By Light Unseen Media. I finally just did that–and seem to have wiped out Rewriting the Rules entirely. Now I need to figure out wtf happened to that.

I started working on redesigning to make it html5 compliant, formatted with css stylesheets and generally up to speed with my other websites. I was beating my head against the wall with that most of yesterday–finally got a menubar to display in an iframe (a technique I use elsewhere) and now the whole iframe has vanished, I have no idea why. When I finally discovered the main reason the css was choking up, though, you probably heard me groan where you are: I’d typed one parenthesis instead of a squiggly bracket. This is why programmers live on Twinkies. :-(

I was looking for online tutorials for SQL, PHP, and ASP and can’t find the kind of information that would be most helpful for me, and I wasted time chasing that. I just tried to make a lousy comment on Facebook, hit the wrong key (cat on lap, for one thing) and the whole comment got zapped.

The Internet hates me. :-( And I am sick of “upgrades!!!” They have nothing to do with improving the actual usability of the service. All these “upgrades” are designed to facilitate monetizing the service–more ads, more eyeballs, “premium tiers” that can charge fees, and so on. Nobody cares about the user experience. It’s all about profits. *grump*

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8 Responses to Techie grumbles

  1. Anonymous says:


    Oh, yeah. I have those days sometimes. I share your pain!

    I was able to install WordPress on two different GoDaddy accts, the most recent one in early December, I think. I used Firefox and allowed scripts, cookies, and pop-ups.

    Regarding the extra paren, if you’re using Notepad to create your sites, I’d suggest the free program Notepad++. It’s easier to find those types of errors. (

  2. Gwaetgar says:

    Re: GoDaddy

    Thanks for the tip about Notepad++, I’ll check it out! I actually use Notepad a lot. It’s great for anything you want in clean ASCII text with no garbage.

    I have WordPress on two GoDaddy accounts, and up to now they’ve been fine. But “upgrades” appear to be epidemic at the moment, and what’s transparent to the average plug-and-play end user completely screws up us more savvy people who’ve done our own customizations. :-(

  3. readsalot says:

    I second the recommendation of Notepad++, which I use all the time.

    I like the PHP documentation on, and they have a tutorial at . That site got me through writing a set of menus for the Noreascon 4 web site in PHP. also has some decent tutorials; at least, they work for me.

    Yes, the entire purpose of upgrades is to get you to spend money. Usually staying put isn’t a problem unless you need the new functions, or unless your hosting system stops letting you use the old version.

  4. sphynxcatvp says:

    Re: GoDaddy

    If Notepad++ doesn’t seem to do it for you, there’s also EditPad – – (there’s also a “lite” version that’s free.) We use EditPad Pro ourselves.

  5. paganpaul says:

    I know about LJ. Here at work I have to log in again with each page I want to reply to. Highly annoying. Logging in the normal way doesn’t work, I seem to get logged out again after a few seconds. At least I don’t have that at home.

    If you want some help and pointers with SQL and PHP, let me know. I know a few little bits about that (wrote my entire site in PHP, and programmed a vacation tracking module in it for work).

    You can e-mail me if you want to pursue this, probably a bit easier that going through this over LJ. hehehe

  6. Gwaetgar says:

    Re: GoDaddy

    Thanks for the rec!

  7. Gwaetgar says:

    You know, that’s the only browser I don’t have. I have MSIE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari, but not Opera. LJ’s weirdness, however, seems platform-independent. The log-out thing is probably a security tightening measure, and I haven’t gone into all my settings to see if there’s something I can change.

  8. Gwaetgar says:

    I just might tap you for help at some point. Tweaking WordPress modules is one thing, but I want to put the whole Amazon Affiliates bookstore I run into a MySQL database with a PHP shell, and that’s a whole other ballgame. But I’ve programmed whole database systems from scratch (granted, in Ye Olde Days), and it doesn’t look like it could be that hard. It’s all a new vocabulary, though.