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I was checking Postini’s spam filter in case of any false positives, and there were a number of messages that bounced from the Vampyres e-list listowner’s list. I was amused to see that some spammer was sending Vampyres List e-mail about anti-aging remedies. Uh, hello? *g*

I’ve never seen the 2004 movie Van Helsing, starring Hugh Jackman in the eponymous lead role, although I knew it by reputation. I picked up a previewed VHS copy because I thought I’d add it to my vampire movie collection for historical reasons, and I took it in for the shelter kids to watch once (they were riveted)(as are a number of characters in the film…oops, sorry, that just slipped out). One advantage of my new cycling regimen is that, unlike my workouts, I can run movies with a high visual component since I am basically sitting still and always facing the same way. So today, I popped in Van Helsing.

Sheesh. I can only interpret this movie as a broad parody, because it is absolutely the silliest thing I’ve ever seen! I was giggling from the first minute! “Mr. Hyde” hitching up his pants over his butt-crack was a cute touch. Do you think Kate Beckinsale wears that leather corset to bed every night, after getting as used to it as she must be by now? Hugh Jackman seems to be wearing an appalled expression much of the time, which is perfectly understandable. And I always wondered where Riff Raff worked before he met Dr. Frank N. Furter! Nice little James Bond satire with the secret lab full of experimental weapons and Van Helsing’s “Friar Q.” Of course, I’ve only watched the first 45 minutes so far, so maybe it gets even better. I’ll play the rest of it on Friday. It’s certainly a good movie to cycle to–all that screeching and wild action, get into it and you’re just pumping away!

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