Don’t you just love a bargain….

I seem to be on some kind of roll here…

I decided several weeks ago that I really wanted to add an aerobic component to my exercise regimen. I just passed menopause, or so it seems anyway, and despite my four-and-half hours per week resistance training, I’ve been gaining weight. (lourdesmont is losing a pound a week? I am sometimes gaining a pound per day! I have one of those expensive scales that electronically measures your body fat percentage, and it says it’s not fat weight, but I’m damned what it is.) After due thought, I decided an exercise bike would suit me, for a number of different reasons that I won’t tediously enumerate.

For several weeks I’ve looked into getting a used one cheap, but it didn’t seem to be happening. So, this week I started comparing prices online. It was a little discouraging. Even the simplest low-end models–and that’s all I want, just something to pedal away on and keep my heart rate at target for X-number of minutes–weren’t cheap. Finally, I got out a hammer and beat my principles to a quivering pulp and went up to Wal*Mart in Amherst, NH. There I found a perfectly serviceable exercise bike for $88.88. I figured I could manage that, with church service money and cash my dad is giving me for chauffuering him to the airport.

Then I got to the register. A little while ago I got completely fed up with purses, and I ditched my last one and went back to carrying a big knapsack around. I’m self-employed, I don’t have to worry about appearances! When I was moving everything from all the pockets of the purse into the pockets of the knapsack, I discovered I still had a Wal*Mart gift card. I had no idea how long I’d had it, where it came from or how much, if any, balance was on it. So, I pulled it out and asked the cashier to run it and see what it was worth, and apply it to the exercise bike.

It was a $50 gift card! And I’ve had it all this time and totally forgot about it!

So, I got a brand-new exercise bike for $38.88. Not bad, hey? (I start out on it today! :-) )

So, today, I ran out to mail some bills I want to go out tomorrow at the crack of dawn, and I stopped at Brooks. I’d been carrying around a 75 cent coupon for a new kind of candy bar I thought I’d try (and now I can work off the calories, *heh*). I hadn’t spotted the candy bar anywhere, but Brooks usually has that kind of thing. They did. On sale. For $1.00. So, when I used the coupon, I got this $1.89 candy bar for 25 cents.

Now if only money would start actually coming in…I’m sort of bummed because there hasn’t been one single sale from my online Amazon bookstore for the entire quarter to date. My bookstore used to do pretty well–until I redesigned it. *sigh* I can’t figure out what I did to kill business so thoroughly. (Feedback welcomed, if anyone has any ideas about that!)

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7 Responses to Don’t you just love a bargain….

  1. lourdesmont says:

    I would love to find an excersize bike for those days when I cannot walk. I think there are going to be whole lot of those this summer. I just cannot picture walking when the temp is nearing 100 and the humidity is nearly as bad. Plus I do not want to get caught in the daily afternoon thunderstorm. But there are so many consignment shops down here that I am hoping to find one rather easily. Spring break is in one week and I intend to shop like a crazy person that week … (-:

    And as for that weight loss … I am specifically aiming for one pound per week. I am amazed that I am losing it. But I probably have a good deal more weight to lose than you do and that helps. It also helps that I am down to eating nothing but chicken and fish and dark green leafy veggies. Even the sugar-free pudding has gone out the door as I struggle to get my morning blood counts down to 110. I even took all the stuff I could no longer eat over to my brother’s yesterday. I would not wish this eating regimen on anyone! Yeah – it helps to lose weight but it is So.Damn.Hard.

    Le spootie sigh …

  2. Hey! Repeat after me:

    Muscle weighs more than fat and takes up less room

    Muscle weighs more than fat and takes up less room

    Muscle weighs more than fat and takes up less room.

    Muscle weighs more than fat and takes up less room.

    Got it?

  3. Gwaetgar says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I am incredibly impressed about your weight loss and I think you’re doing an amazing job!!! Bravo!! Especially given the extra health obstacles you have–and now the diabetes, which just makes it so much harder, the definition of a health Catch-22! I’m envious, that’s what it is. I’ve always been like this–I’ll lose weight really slowly and gain it all back all at once (without any change in my diet or exercise habits–no explanation). I know, the conventional wisdom says, “oh, that’s just water weight”…so why doesn’t it come back off? The only reason I don’t have much more weight to lose is because I’ve fought it all my life. I’ve been largely successful, I weigh now what I did in high school. Trouble is, I was obese in high school, and obese by the time I was 2–I was an obese child when that meant I was a freak. Nowadays, I wouldn’t even stand out. :-(

    Do try the exercycle, as long as your knees can take it. I just finished my first 40-minute session! Woof! I feel great! :-) Endorphins, yay!

  4. Gwaetgar says:

    Thanks, mollie! I know that, of course…and I’ve been weight training for 10 years now, five of them on the Bowflex. I weigh what I did in high school but I sure don’t have the same body. I wear much smaller size clothes than I did at 16. It’s just frustrating, though. I work so hard and I eat a healthy diet, and no one would look at me and think, “gee, she must work out.” I’ve got the muscles, ye gods, do I ever. My “inspiration book” is Pumping Iron II: The Unprecedented Woman. I just wish, sometimes, that other people could see them.

    Oh, well, whimper, whine, listen to me. I could live in Iraq and have a little fitness problem like having two limbs blown off by an IED. I decided that it was essential to be as strong, fit, and limber as possible no matter what I did or didn’t look like–and I’ve certainly got that. I’m very healthy and I can’t complain!

    Kickboxing sounds way cool, though! :-) I took some karate lessons at one point…I’d love to train seriously in kung fu.

  5. I weigh A LOT. Over 200 pounds. I’m working on it, and the kick boxing class is helping. I’m not happy with weight watchers..I’d love a better eating program.

    So…yeah, I get it. Numbers are numbers and if you are trained to look at numbers, when your weight goes up its disconcerting. (that’s a mild word, actually)

    So, keep on fighting that good fight, but remember…

    muscle weighs more than fat and takes up less room. And feel free to remind ME of that any time!

  6. sbweber says:

    I was going to take a look at your bookstore, both to see if there was anything I wanted to buy and to see if there was any feedback I could give, only I got a “404 Not Found” page…

  7. Gwaetgar says:

    That’s because I incredibly stupidly typed the link wrong. I fixed it, try it now. And thanks for looking! :-)