Après quel déluge?

Hurricane Earl was a non-event here, as I expected. When I got up yesterday, the ground was completely dry and you wouldn’t even have guessed that it rained. I noticed one ten-minute spurt of solid rain and aside from that, we had some spits and sprinkles, mostly not even that, and much less wind than yesterday, which was quite breezy. Well, I’m just as happy that the coast didn’t get hit by a destructive storm, but we still really need the rain. The tomatoes are ripening again, after a short hiatus caused by the four days of rain and gloom two weeks ago.

I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend! It’s just another working weekend for me. I’m continuing with editing, and I’m watching paint dry. No, seriously. :-) I’m doing a project for which I have to match a shade of paint, which is proving quite tricky, and I can’t see exactly what I’ve got until it dries–which, being latex and/or acrylic paint, it does very fast. People joke about “watching paint dry” but you’d be surprised how suspenseful it can be! *wry smile*

I dug the potatoes, and I have slightly more than two and half pounds. Since the seed potatoes were sold by the pound, I know I planted just about one pound exactly, so I’ve gotten a 250% return in edible crop, which isn’t bad. I’d have done much better if I hadn’t neglected the garden earlier in the summer! All the same, considering how little money I invested, I can confidently say that my garden has produced more than enough food to completely recoup its cost, and it’s still going. Plus, I ate, baked and froze quarts of black raspberries and blackberries, and those were pure freebies.

I wish I had something more exciting to say, but it’s just quiet, quiet, quiet here. Publishing work isn’t very exciting most of the time.

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7 Responses to Après quel déluge?

  1. paganpaul says:

    As long as you are fine, and your paint dries well, you’re good. Writing test-scenarios for a healthcare system isn’t exactly something that people are lying awake about to read either. *grin*

  2. norda says:

    I know exactly what you mean about watching paint dry! We will be re-staining/painting our porch, and we’ve had several mishaps with trying to match the blue-grey that we like. It’s a science, and I love science.

    My sister will be descending upon me with potatoes and tomatoes within the next two weeks. I think I’ll make one last big tub of gazpacho to remind me of the taste of summer, and then it’s time to think of stews and chowders.

  3. Gwaetgar says:

    At least it’s good that you’ve got work! :-)

  4. Gwaetgar says:

    Actually, I’m finding color-matching to be much more of an art, and a subtle one, at that. I wish it was science! I think I’ve just about got it now, though.

    Potatoes and tomatoes, yum! I’m thinking of stocking up on more locally grown produce than usual for the winter: I always get apples, but maybe I’ll get a lot of potatoes, onions, things I eat a lot that will store.

  5. paganpaul says:

    Oh yes, having work again is a great thing. A year of not having that proves that beyond any doubt!

  6. Anonymous says:

    2011 will be much better! *hugs*

  7. Anonymous says:

    I got so frustrated with lj weirdness that I switched browsers back to Opera. Still a few kinks, but at least I’m logged in as the right person when I try to comment!