Happy Ending!

The chipmunk has been successfully returned to its natural habitat. :-) Last night, I made a couple of focused attempts to flush the chipmunk out of hiding and catch it. I only succeeded in further traumatizing the chipmunk and dislodging lots of dust balls and lost cat toys from underneath various furniture, and gave up.

When I got up today, the chipmunk did us both the favor of chirping when I walked into the hall. After what I’m sure were more harrowing close calls, the chipmunk was hiding behind the door to the spare room. Forty-eight hours of stress, hunger and thirst (poor little guy) had finally slowed him down enough that I was able to pop a large bowl over him before he got out of the tight space he was cornered in. Then I slid a piece of cardboard under the bowl and out the door we went. What a relief! He certainly beat the odds, surviving for that long in the house with four cats, but I hope he stays outside!

I seem to be seeing (and hearing) a lot more chipmunks and birds this year but fewer gray squirrels (almost none). Is anyone else noticing that?

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2 Responses to Happy Ending!

  1. sarajlarson says:

    We had to relocate a possum who had nested in the vines outside our bedroom window. She had made a cozy hammock and was sleeping soundly, ignoring our dog who was barking at her from the other side of the window screen.

    All the squirrels must be here. We’re overrun.

  2. Gwaetgar says:

    I’d find relocating a possum to be a bit daunting, they’re huge! There was one around the shelter the last couple of years I was there. It avoided people, but was slow, so we were always seeing its hindquarters and long naked tail disappearing around a corner at a hasty waddle. I had to reassure the shelter ladies several times that it was a possum, and no, we did not have the Mother of All Rats. 8-(

    You must have all the gray squirrels, because their absence is really puzzling. Maybe I’m just not seeing them–but they used to empty the bird feeder and I haven’t seen one at the feeder for months. Maybe the chipmunks have eaten them out of house and home! Ye gods, do we have a lot of those this year. I can’t drive up to Dad’s without seeing half a dozen of them run across the road on the way, and that’s a fraction of the ones I hear as I drive along (their chirps are piercing, I clearly hear them from my car).

    OTOH, between global warming, oil spills, and ongoing development, I’m not complaining about any wildlife that seems to be thriving, even when they make themselves comfy in my house. I’d rather have to share space with them than not have them at all.