It turned into rather an odd day…

I snapped this photo from the parking lot in front of Michael’s, up in Nashua, this evening:

That’s nothing compared to the pictures I missed. To start with, I saw the weirdest sunset tonight…because it was in the wrong place. Oh, I know, light, clouds, reflections, etc, but this was just strange. There were storm clouds going past, and a whole section of the sky was lit up in red-pink, glowing vividly, and to make it even more unusual, a few flickers of lightning flashed in the sky while I watched. But all of this was in the northeast. It wasn’t anywhere near where sunset ought to have been! I’ve never seen the northeastern sky illuminated that brilliantly, and I’ve seen some pretty stunning sunsets.

It was much darker by the time I got back to Pepperell, and on Rte 111 I came to a spot where there were several police cars, lots of firefighting vehicles and evidently something major going on. I couldn’t see much because of all the flashing lights, and I was concentrating on passing by safely and going on my way. The location was some low building housing a business, I’m not sure what. As I went by I glanced toward all the fuss, and saw a car upside-down, on its roof!! I didn’t get enough of a look to tell if that was the only vehicle or what else might have happened, but, yeesh! That sure looked grim! And this is just after an accident with a truck that wiped out a utility pole near the post office a few days ago.

We sure have a lot of excitement for a little town that’s at least 10 miles away from a road with more than two lanes in any direction!

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2 Responses to It turned into rather an odd day…

  1. sarajlarson says:

    Small towns are more exciting because when things happen, they don’t just get lost in the mix.

  2. Gwaetgar says:

    I haven’t found anything in the local news yet, though.

    Like the photo? :-)