Notes on a quiet day…

I’ve finished the interior book block and the cover for the Advance Review Copy of Cat the Vamp, uploaded them to and ordered the proof. The ARC cover is the main title page for the finished book. It looks pretty cool if I do say so myself:

Next up, the back cover and spine for the paperback of Gideon Redoak, and then the dust jacket for the hardcover (those are a bear to do. I have templates, fortunately). Bowker finally decided that the ISBN for the hardcover is not “already on file” and accepted the record, so both editions are now entered in Books in Print.

I held a live bird in my hand today. I was washing up the breakfast dishes when I heard Cerridwen making excited little meows outside and went to investigate. She had a blue jay. Because she’s so small, it was all she could do to hold on to it. It didn’t seem injured at all, but it was pretty traumatized. Although it was adult size, I suspect it was a young one because blue jays are usually too smart to get caught. When I picked it up, it was clutching its own wing feathers with one of its feet out of panic. I gently extricated the feathers from its grip, let it go, and it took off. I don’t think Cerridwen was too pleased, heh! The blue jay hopped around in the woods in the back yard and aimed a lot of unprintable bird language at her.

I am now a size 2. I bought two more pairs of pants at Bargain Boutique yesterday, so I’m pretty good for Worldcon. One of them are slacks, not jeans, The Gap, all store tags still on them, but they need to be hemmed. It’s weird to have gotten to the point of being embarrassed to tell people what size I wear because of the way they react. :-( And I’m not done yet!

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One Response to Notes on a quiet day…

  1. paganpaul says:

    That book cover looks really nice! You do great things, Inanna!

    Good thing you got to the rescue of the bird. Yes, holding a live bird is something special. I once held a sparrow hawk (and still have all my fingers).

    Is there enough of you remaining to fill those pants?