…but wait, there’s more!

So, the Triple-A serviceguy arrives in a plain pick-up truck and produces one of those battery packs they use now. He hooks it up to my car’s battery, and I tried the key. Well, the dash lights barely go on and the car only makes these tiny groans, and the starter won’t even grind. The driver looked at his battery pack and says, “maybe the battery pack is dead. I just took it off the charger, it should be all charged up, but I better go back and get another one.”


He left and returned with his humungous flat-bed tow truck, that has a jack for actual jumper cables–the kind they usually only use now for huge trucks. He connected the jumper cables to my little Aveo’s battery and this time, the car started. By then I had noticed that the left back door was slightly ajar. I don’t know why I didn’t even see it before. If I’d left it that way when I got home from the airport on Thursday afternoon, it would explain the dead battery. I wouldn’t have noticed the interior lights on, as it was a bright sunny day. By the time I went back out after dark, it was late at night and the battery would have already been dead and the lights off. This is the first time since then I’ve used the car.

I’m letting the car run a bit, which is technically illegal (we have a “no idling law” here)–but WTF. I’ll bet my little car, which runs very clean, emits less pollutants than all my neighbors’ honking rider lawnmowers! I’ll take it out and drive around a bit after I have something to eat.

The down side of working at home and doing so much less driving, *sigh*. The tow truck guy did say that the power outage on Tuesday night was someone hitting a pole, as I’d guessed.

So, how is your weekend going so far? *g*

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  1. dracschick says:

    sad to hear you’re having a difficult weekend. Do take care!