Photos from wintry Massachusetts

I finally got out and took some pictures of the snow. I have to admit, it is pretty. These pictures were taken about 3:40pm this afternoon. What you can’t see in them is that it was still snowing lightly at the time. And…it’s still snowing now! It’s never stopped! This little wisp of clouds has been parked over us all day long, sprinkling snowflakes down, hour after hour, without once letting up. It’s supposed to stop later tonight…but I’m starting to wonder! I think we’ve gotten another six inches (15 cm), on top of the 21 inches (53 cm) we had on the ground already.

down the driveway
Looking down my driveway toward the road (about 150 feet, the paper box is about 20 feet from the mouth of the driveway).

My house from about fifty feet down the driveway.

The back yard. On the left side of the photo, you see what I call “the funny looking tree.” It’s a blue spruce that split twice in different storms but refused to die. Instead, the split parts kept growing–up. I’d love to put lights on it, but I’d need a cherry picker to get it all.

Underneath the peaked cap of snow is a standard sized, old steel trash bin. I actually use it to burn garden trimmings. The curved crack in the snow is the edge of the lid. Yes, the snow is right up to and around the entire trash bin–that shows you how deep the snow is in the back yard.

And it’s not even the Solstice!

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8 Responses to Photos from wintry Massachusetts

  1. dracschick says:

    Thanks for posting the beautiful, Winter scene photos:)

  2. lourdesmont says:

    Holy Who’s Got The Sno-blower Batman!

    Those are so beautiful! That first picture is exquisite and your house is so cute! I admit to missing the snow and the quiet stillness of a night when the world is blanketed in the stuff. But I do NOT miss the constant cold and the snow still in the deep gullies at the end of May – for Chrissake!

    Stay warm and safe and have a hot cocoa for me!

  3. paganpaul says:

    Wow, it looks really very nice. Amazing, the amount of snow you have there already!!

  4. musiquephan says:


    Gorgeous!! Purr. That is so pretty. We got one snow like that here last year. Although my folks have a chalet at King’s Mountain, it gets pretty like that, down here we only see that once or twice.

    Thank you so much for posting!

    The first one would make a gorgeous holiday card!

  5. annef says:

    so pretty! it’s just dirty and slushy here.

  6. Gwaetgar says:

    Re: Holy Who’s Got The Sno-blower Batman!

    Thank you for saying my house is cute! It is cute, all four rooms and 1025 square feet of it–but the snow covers a few maintenance issues. *wry smile*

    It does get very, very still and quiet at night here. The down side is that I have to drive at least 12 miles in any direction to reach a modest-size shopping area or a road with more than two lanes. (The local grocery store is walking distance, though!) But it is peaceful. I honestly haven’t seen snow still in gullies at the end of May for many a year; we’ve been known to get a last snowfall in May, though!

  7. Gwaetgar says:

    It is amazing…and somewhat overwhelming. The “official” snowfall in Pepperell from this last storm turns out to be 9.4 inches (24 cm), which is way more than they forecast. That means we now have about 30 inches (76 cm) of snow on the ground, 27 inches of which fell within seven days. I’m tired of shoveling! And my Solstice observance involves, among other things, scattering the ashes of last year’s Yule Log completely around the house after my sunset attunement. I just finished doing that, and sheesh. I needed sled dogs! Now the deer will probably use the trench, er, trail I broke. (Yes, deer traverse my yard. One of these days I’ll manage to get a photo.)

  8. Gwaetgar says:

    It’s actually not unusual for us to get pretty snowfalls like that–all it takes is snow with the temperature just above freezing and no wind. Then it all sticks to the branches and whatnot and looks lovely. It still looks like that now, because the temperature didn’t go above freezing today and there hasn’t been a wind! Everything is still thickly covered in snow, except for the branches of the bush that dropped all their snow down the back of my neck while I was clearing off the car. :-p It’s been overcast, too, so the whole world is white, snowy and wintry.