I’m officially on Blogcritics!

My Blogcritics review is up!

Movie Review: Beowulf Gives ‘Em That New Razzle-Dazzle, But Not Much More
Robert Zemeckis’ Beowulf pushes the CGI envelope with stunning animation effects, but ultimately is just another cinematic fireworks show.

I was just a little nervous about it, because there wasn’t an obvious option for categorizing movie reviews, and they want Amazon links with every article. That was no problem for me. With my Amazon Associates store, Amazon links are my forte–but they want at least one link to something with every article. You post about politics, you’ve got to find something relevant on Amazon.

The really terrifying part? You will find something relevant on Amazon–no matter what you write about!

There were current movie reviews on Blogcritics, however, and my article was approved immediately, so obviously it’s okay! Now…what do I write next?

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One Response to I’m officially on Blogcritics!

  1. dracschick says:

    Nice review. Thanks for sharing. I haven’t seen the movie but have heard mixed reviews about it.