Well, poop…

So far, the huge winter Nor’easter is proving very disappointing. Yesterday afternoon, the Town Hall, library and local school district had all already decided to close today. But by 2:00am it had barely started snowing with maybe a quarter inch (half a centimetre) on the ground, and when I got up at 10:30, it was sleeting and there was still just a couple inches of icy crud. It’s snowing now, but very lightly.

Just out of curiosity…is today supposed to be some kind of holiday or something? Hmm. February 13th, Parentalia (honoring the ancestors); February 15th, Lupercalia (honoring the way they became ancestors :-) ); February 16th, feast of Victoria (the goddess, not her namesakes); February 17th, Fornacalia….

Nope, can’t think of anything. Maybe those Christians are doing something today?

Have a nice Wednesday! :-)

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9 Responses to Well, poop…

  1. Well, we are not the least bit disappointed. In fact, something that never happens is happening- they are closing my place of employment. (Of course, I did not go to work today, so I’m seeing all of this from home.)

    I hope you continue to have such good luck with the weather.

  2. Gwaetgar says:

    Bearing in mind, of course, that we’ve had a “snow drought” this winter here in Massachusetts. Our total snowfall for the entire season, before today, was less than two inches. This is a bit deceptive, because until mid-January we had temperatures far above normal–it was 60 degrees on January 6th–and during that time we had a lot of rain, plus that intense ice storm. But the lack of snow has reached a point where it’s negatively impacting a lot of people economically.

    It’s sleeting now–rattling noisily against all the window screens. I’m glad I can work at home! I have a church service to be putting together for this Sunday, and tons more to be doing. I have a fire in the fireplace and I’ve moved my laptop out into the living room to enjoy it. Otherwise, it’s just another work day, no chocolate and DVD’s for me!

  3. annef says:

    Oh, well, pardon ME, I’m sure.

  4. Gwaetgar says:

    ?? What? What did I say? :-(

  5. annef says:

    Otherwise, it’s just another work day, no chocolate and DVD’s for me!

    You think *I* wouldn’t like it to be just another work day?

  6. Gwaetgar says:

    ?? What made you think I was talking about you? I’d just finished saying that the whole town had a snow day yesterday!

  7. annef says:

    Well, I’d said I planned on spending the day with a box of chocolates and a stack of dvds…

  8. Gwaetgar says:

    You did? Well, oops. No offense meant. I’m afraid that I actually try not to read your annual Valentine’s Day, er, discussion. I’ve pretty much gotten the gist of it in past years’, er, discussions. I noticed something about chocolate…but I didn’t get any chocolate because I had coupons and was going to stop at Cumberland Farms to see if they had the products (no one else did), and I couldn’t even get in because so many people were gassing up their cars before the big storm! So…no chocolates!

    Why you think I’d deliberately take a below-the-belt poke at you in my lj beats the heck out of me. :-(

  9. annef says:

    Sorry. I didn’t really. I’m just tired of staying at home, and physio, and the whole ball of yarn. :(