SPRINGFIELD — Today, Senator Eric P. Lesser and Senator Anne M. Gobi welcomed local rail advocates and members of the Palmer community for a Virtual Rally for Palmer Rail Stop livestreamed to Facebook and Twitter. The draft report of the MassDOT East-West Passenger Rail Study is due to be published on October 16th and will then open for a 30-day public comment period on the final three options which include service to Palmer.

The two heard testimony from longtime local advocates on the important role a Palmer rail stop plays into the success of East-West rail. The group also discussed the transformative impact that rail service will have to the region and entire Commonwealth economically and socially.

“Our communities in Western Mass are great places to live and great places to grow up, but we’re struggling,” said Sen. Lesser. “We’ve seen the job losses, we need the investment, we need the job creation and the great thing is that Boston needs it too, because nobody can afford to live in Boston. We know what it takes to get our communities back, it’s investment in infrastructure. It’s a transformational investment that gets us to a new future that’s brighter, and better, and more fair and equitable than the one that we had before.”

“All we’re asking for is a little equity here,” said Sen. Gobi. “Look what it can do not just for our region, but for the entire state. That’s the message, and that’s the message we have to keep pushing forward with those who have been working on the ground on this.”

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