The Navian Development Company is proposing a 66-unit housing development on Route 119. The plans include 26 single family homes, 16 three-bedroom units in four four-unit buildings, and 24 two-bedroom units in four six-unit buildings.

The Rindge Conservation Commission is concerned about the development's proximity to a town aquifer and wetlands. The 110-acre wooded parcel is not far from Lake Monomonac, on the south side of Route 119 just before the turnoff for East Monomonac Road. The aquifer is shared by Winchendon residents on the state line.

The Rindge Conservation Commission is urging the Rindge Planning Board to require studies done by an independent hydrologist or hydrogeologist to evaluate the probable impact of the project on groundwater, runoff and adjacent wetlands.

The next Rindge Planning Board meeting to consider the plans will be October 6 at 7:00 p.m. at the Rindge Community Center on Wellington Road.