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Story Forge Cards for plotting
« on: April 21, 2014, 02:14:06 PM »
Hi there, I'd like to do a writer's workshop on how to use the Story Forge cards
 - and Tarot card layouts for story plotting. I have no financial interest in the Story Forge Cards or any Tarot Deck or Book, I only know that writers do have bad days when they are in a situation and need a kick to get out of it, or they have an idea for a character and need a story to put them in  - plotting is a headache to learn and these Story Forge cards are a great tool.

I have several sets of Story Forge cards and books on Tarot spread and it would be an interesting exercise for writers to play with these - and ordinary Tarot cards to see how this can be an aid to their imaginations.
thank you for your consideration

Dee L.