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Suggest new track category or other idea / Re: Participatory things?
« on: April 21, 2014, 02:15:48 PM »
oh, wow, this could be fun. Could be classic sci fi catagory and we will see how many people know what year Dr. Who started and who has appeared in seven different police procedurals as the same character.

Hi there, I'd like to do a writer's workshop on how to use the Story Forge cards
 - and Tarot card layouts for story plotting. I have no financial interest in the Story Forge Cards or any Tarot Deck or Book, I only know that writers do have bad days when they are in a situation and need a kick to get out of it, or they have an idea for a character and need a story to put them in  - plotting is a headache to learn and these Story Forge cards are a great tool.

I have several sets of Story Forge cards and books on Tarot spread and it would be an interesting exercise for writers to play with these - and ordinary Tarot cards to see how this can be an aid to their imaginations.
thank you for your consideration

Dee L.

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